posted November 17th, 2018, 12:01 pm


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November 18th, 2018, 11:49 am

Aura flame


Ok, so, for a long time now I have had no motivation to continue EWW, because I have been interested in other fandoms lately.
I have asked some different people, and they have all told me to quit EWW because i shouldn't be working on pages I have to push myself to finish.

I agree with them, but at the same time I don't want to dump these characters because I have put so much effort into them (even though that is not reflected in my comics).

I have been thinking about this, and I think I might have a solution, but i don't know if it will even work out, because i would be changing so much stuff and some plot points I would have to totally scrap, but i was thinking that maybe i should make EWW a original comic, and move it out of the pokemon fandom.

This might not work, and i might end up just loosing motivation again, but i feel like maybe if i don't make my account just draw for one fandom, then i can keep my motivation up and be able to draw whatever I want to at the time. I'm at least going to try.

EWW will be completely changed, and it will be a completely different story, but I can still keep the general plot-line and characters so I won't be dumping my work and starting completely from scratch.

I know I am probably letting a lot of people down, but hopefully this will be okay with some people?

Before I test out changing EWW into into a original comic, I will probably take some time to make human designs for characters and editing the plot, so the new comic isn't going to be out for a bit, but I will get to work as soon as i can.

This sketch is of Cancer's human design, but I don't know what I am going to rename him yet.

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August 26th, 2019, 3:54 am



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December 2nd, 2018, 9:48 pm

Oblivion Umbreon


What ever makes you happier as long as I can see these characters again (and you shouldn’t put so much pressure on yourself!)

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